Projects - Asset Restructuring

Asset Resolution Limited

Distressed loan management and corporate advisors


  • Property Finance MIS
  • Brisbane, Qld
  • Assets under management ($40m)
  • Stakeholder claims ($1b)
  • Managing Controller
  • Managed Public Company corporations requirements


  • Special purpose vehicle established to manage the residual Premium Income Fund (PIF) assets, a distressed property finance MIS with cAU$1b in unitholder funds
  • ARL was incorporated with seven distressed property finance loans with a range of property types and locations as well as three items of litigation
  • ARL had over 10,000 elderly investors who has lost the majority of their investment
  • All assets were non-income producing or suffering a loss
  • Active disputes between the investors and the previous asset managers
  • ASIC was investigating the affairs of the company
  • Independent board appointed as ‘caretakers’


  • Managed back office, secretarial, accounting, forecasting, share registry and specific assets strategy, with a mandate of exiting all assets within 24 months
  • Established framework to communicate with shareholders
  • Assisted with managing litigation assets to maximise recovery


  • Facilitated over AU$30m in asset recoveries
  • Managed all aspects of the operation and reduced costs by cAU$1m pa
  • Returned $X of capital to shareholders
  • Completed assignment and returned management to Board with AU$13m cash at bank and no residual assets to manage

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