Projects - Risk Management

Project South West

Builder risk review


  • Builder Risk Review
  • Sydney, NSW
  • 130 Units
  • Value – $40m
  • Review financial accounts


  • Lender was considering funding a project in South West Sydney and requested a review of the builder’s financial position.
  • Working capital low for a company of its size.
  • Retention trust accounts did not hold sufficient funds for the project that the builder was undertaking which meant that they were not complying with their contract.
  • Associated entities placed into liquidation.


  • Recommended that the Lender insist on a minimum level of working capital and personal guarantees from directors and related entities.
  • Condition precedent that the retention trust account be set up and the balance regularly verified.
  • Builder to provide evidence of compliance with taxation obligations.


  • Lender decided to fund the project using the conditions outlined in our solutions.

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